what will happen to your body if you eat 2 bananas each day

Special, delicious, and sweet bananas are the favorite fruit for many people from children to adults. because of their creamy texture. however bananas are so healthy they are full of vitamins minerals and fibers. And it’s not all one of banana contains only 90 calories.


Can’t you imagine what happens in your body when you regularly take two bananas? if you take it as a habit? well, we will talk about the benefits of eating a banana and we will deduce the advantages of taking that habit.
so let you discover 8 banana’s benefits :

8- Bananas can cover potassium needs

Potassium is an essential ion in the body. It is an intracellular cation that is necessary for the heart and kidney essentially. It is often found in several vegetables and fruits but bananas remain the foremost recommended source. Then Potassium is a mineral that can protect against cardiovascular risks, infertility, digestive diseases, arthritis, and also cancers. well, banana can help in lung cancer treatment.

  1. you will lose weight

They have a lot of fiber content, which helps in the ti-oxidation of food inside your body. This also reduces your appetite and you will not feel hungry all day, which is why bananas are often used in weight loss programs. very sugar level inside your body gets reduced and you develop sensitivity to insulin. It is important that your body resists insulin because otherwise, your body won’t absorb the glucose as much and it would result in that storage. and you can’t imagine how many pounds can you lose in a week.

6 . you’ll lower your cancer risk

Banana consumption is a key factor in reducing cancer incidence by 72%. Indeed bananas contain vitamin c like many fruits. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that inhibits the formation of free radicals that cause cancer. well, banana can protect you from colorectal cancer by 72%.
Many pieces of evidence wrote that moderate consumption of bananas may be protective against kidney cancer. A Swedish cancer research institute study made in 2005 found that women who consumed more than 75 servings of vegetables and fruits cut their risk of kidney cancer by forty percent and that bananas were particularly effective. Women eating four to 6 bananas every week reduced their risk of developing kidney cancer by almost sixty percent. so eating a banana is a healthy snack idea


  1. you don’t tend to be anemic

Red blood cells should be in high content as they provide you enough energy, but if you suffer from anemia, you would become pale and feel tired all day long and you can have hair loss. Bananas have a lot of iron in them, which improves the hemoglobin level of your body, and also has a good quantity of Vitamin B6 which regulates the glucose levels.

  1. Improvement in Digestion

There is resistant starch present in bananas which reaches the large intestine and provides nua traditional environment for healthy bacteria to grow. This improves the gastrointestinal tract. Even if the person is suffering from gastritis which can cause vitamin deficiency., bananas can be easily digested and thus, restore the lost minerals in the body.

  1. Reduced Stress

Everyone suffers from stress these days (even the minions! Now I got my answer, why they love it). But bananas contain tryptophan which helps in improving the mood by releasing the hormone “serotonin” against the stress hormone. 27 mg of magnesium in a banana is responsible for relaxation and healthy sleep and help you to reduce stress hair loss. Now, this is why monkeys are jumpy, eh?

  1. No More Vitamin Deficiencies

some hydrosoluble vitamins like C and B6, are found in the banana, and it’s not so available in other vegetables. A kind of fruit might include them, but you might not be fond of having s bit of apple every day. So get used to having a banana instead as these vitamins are crucial for regulating hemoglobin levels as well as getting rid of harmful free-radicals present in your body.

  1. You Gain Energy

For people who exercise in the gym, coaches ask them to eat bananas for breakfast. oh t, hat’s healthy snack idea. It helps in reducing muscle cramps and you will be energized throughout the day. It also has plenty of carbohydrates that you can burn in your gym session.